Hotspot Setup

Because wifi in hotels can be tricky, or sometimes non existent if you’re camping, you can easily add your Cama Cooler to your phone’s hotspot.
The easiest is way to do this is to name your phone the same name as your home wifi, and make the password for your hotspot should be identical to your home network.


Power off the Cama Cooler

Make sure the Cama Cooler is off until the last step. Once you complete all the steps you can power it on and it will join your phone's hotspot.


Change your phone name to be look like your home WiFi

Settings > General > About > Name (Put your home Wi-Fi name here)


Make sure your hotspot is enabled


Change your hotspot password to be the same as your home’s Wi-Fi password

Personal Hotspot > Wi-Fi Password > (Put your home Wi-Fi password here)


Power on your Cama Cooler

If you followed these steps and you have the same name and password as your home network, your Cama Cooler will join your phone's hotspot and you can use it or reset it's Wi-Fi settings.
Remember to revert these settings back once you are home again.

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Have a good night :)