Adjustable Speed

Always achieve the perfect cooling affect. With a customizable fan speed, you can pick the setting that works best for your needs and bedding type.

Energy Efficient

Costs less than $1/yr to operate. Reduce your AC in the summer, and keep the windows closed during winter.

Out of Site

The unit mounts to the end or side of the mattress. It stays out of the way and off of the floor, and won't get in the way of every day life.

Universal Mounting

The compact design works with almost any bed. Rigorously tested on floor beds, bunk beds and everything in between.

Engineered for Safety

We use high quality electronic componants, and have incorporated several safety features.

Cooling Power

Active cooling technology gives you the "cool side of the pillow" feeling, for your entire bed.

Travel Friendly

Take it with you when you travel to ensure consistent sleep. Fits in luggage and on hotel beds.

WiFi Connected

Connects with your phone over WiFi. This allows you to easily update whenever new features are released.

Works Automatically

With the scheduler settings, you can set the window of time in which the fan will alternate between runnng and resting

Order your Cama Cooler today, and start sleeping better than ever.

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