App Instructions

Everyone has individual needs and feels temperature differently that is why we built the Cama Cooler to be customized with settings that allow it to work in a way that is just right for you.

Manual Control

You can use the unit at any time with the manual controls.  Select the fan speed and duration and then "Start" and the Cama Cooler will run for that amount of time. 

The manual control serves as a temporary over ride while the schedule is running.  Once the run time is over the schedule resumes automatically

If the Cama Cooler is running during the schedule and you want to pause it, you can select "Pause" and duration and then "Start" and the Cama Cooler will pause for that amount of time.

If you change the time you go to bed and want the schedule to run at a different time, you can select "Run Schedule Now" and the schedule will start immediately.  The schedule will begin at the regularly scheduled time the following day. 

Automatic Schedule

Information coming soon

Speed Settings

Information coming soon

Softare Updates

Information coming soon

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