The Science of Sleep

Learn how cooling down at night can dramatically improve your quality of sleep.

Better temperature,
better sleep, better health

The Mayo Clinic found that people sleep better in a quiet, dark and cool environment.

The ideal room temperature at night is between  18-20°C / 65-68°F

Chronic sleep deprivation suppresses the immune system according to a 2017 study commissioned by the University of Washington Health Sciences.

Regulate your rest

Sleeping in a hot environment has been shown to increases wakefulness and reduce deep sleep REM.

Deep sleep is important for feeling refreshed and recovered.

Heat Trap

Mattresses and bedding can trap heat throughout the night. This buildup of heat can cause you to toss and turn in an effort to cool down. It can also cause your body to sweat, which is un-hygienic and uncomfortable.

Cooling is Critical

A drop in your core temperature triggers your body’s sleeping systems. You must cool down at night in order to achieve deep sleep.

Quality of sleep

Lowering the temperature enriches your rest with less interruptions

Attack insomnia

Sleep onset requires a drop in core body temperature.

UniSA researchers have discovered that a failure to do this and have your body regulate a cool periphery is the primary cause of insomnia.

Improve cognitive function

Disturbed sleep directly correlates to poor cognition.

Prolonged uninterrupted sleep is vital and also a better health measure vs. accumulated sleep time between waking moments.

It's time to upgrade your sleep

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